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Get A Robust Roof and Cement Waterproofing With Expert Contractors

In modern house structures, most roofs are made of reinforced cement concrete, which can weaken over time due to water intrusion. Water can sneak in and damage the structure, causing problems like mold, electrical issues, and paint peeling. To avoid these issues, it’s crucial to waterproof the Roof properly from the start. You should hire expert contractors who can build robust Roof and cement Waterproofing solutions to further reinforce the base for handling foot traffic and keep the Roof looking good.

Why Do You Need Roof Waterproofing for Concrete Roofs?

A concrete roof is susceptible to chemicals, and this stems from cement’s compositional characteristics:

  • Permeability
  • Reactivity
  • Alkalinity

Even high-quality concrete has some level of permeability, which increases with a higher water-cement ratio and shorter moisture-curing time. Also, cracking in concrete is natural, and it can occur both before and after hardening. Pre-hardening cracks may result from construction movement or drying shrinkage. It is also to be noted that your establishment’s roofs survive the harshest weather conditions and bear the initial impact of changing climates.

As time passes, these cracks may form over time, and this generally leads to water leakage issues. These cracks allow water to seep in and spread throughout the structure. As a result, it damages the appearance of the building, compromising its strength. To protect your cement roof from water infiltration, concrete roof waterproofing is essential.

Applying liquid waterproofing systems in multiple layers ensures a uniform thickness of the Roof which benefits in long-lasting performance. By selecting the right products and applying them correctly, roofing contractors can preserve a home’s aesthetics for years to come.

How Do Waterproofing Contractors Treat Your Roof to Be Waterproof?

Here are the steps professional contractors follow for cement waterproofing:

Assessing the Base Substrate

Contractors start with the inspection of the Roof’s surface first. The kinds of waterproofing membranes that are appropriate for the job will depend on factors like whether the Roof is-

  • Tiled
  • Covered in china chips
  • Has concrete base
  • Has moss or fungus

Next, the surface is prepared correctly with the necessary primers for the proper adhesion to obtain the expected consistent performance.

Treating Existing Cracks

Water inrush can appear from cracks in the Roof and this can cause problems such as fungus growth and paint peeling. These cracks are opened up using tools like grinders or chisels, then filled with polymer-modified cement putty and left to dry for 24 hours.

Choosing the Right Waterproofing Method

Depending on the situation, contractors decide between under-tile or exposed waterproofing membranes. There are many types, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages; for instance, the under-tile membrane is cheaper, but it could be problematic to detect leaks.

Considering Elasticity

The flexibility of the Roof and cement Waterproofing membrane is vital for adapting to temperature changes. Acrylic and polyurethane-based membranes offer better elasticity and UV stability and are suitable for exposed conditions.

Accounting for Roof Traffic

The membrane’s resistance to traffic is important in preventing punctures due to movement. If you want your Roof to be highly abrasion-resistant, contractors will use polyurethane membranes. But if your Roof is subjected to regular foot traffic, the contractors will use acrylic membranes.

Choosing the Right Membrane Type

Environmental factors like rain, temperature, and usage conditions decide the type of membrane to be used for the roof waterproofing job. Contractors carefully select membranes based on these factors, ensuring durability and desired aesthetics.

Key Benefits of Cement Waterproofing

Here are the key benefits of roof waterproofing:

Enhances Structure Durability

Moisture can weaken your building over time. Effective roof waterproofing strengthens your structure, increasing its lifespan. By preventing leaks and water damage, waterproofing further saves you money on frequent repairs in the long run.

Promotes Energy Efficiency

Innovative waterproofing solutions not only seal leaks but also provide insulation. This further reduces indoor temperatures by up to 8°C. This lowers air conditioning usage and helps you cut down on utility bills.

Prevents Health Issues

Water seeping through roofs can cause mold and mildew growth. Mold infestation comes with health issues like respiratory problems such as

  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Skin irritation
  • Eye Burning
  • Dizziness
  • Worsening conditions like Asthma

Roof and cement Waterproofing prevents these health concerns by keeping indoor environments dry and safe.

Preserves Interior Aesthetics

Moisture entering walls can damage interior finishes and furniture. Waterproofing protects your interiors by preserving their beauty and extending their lifespan.

Expert Contractors Can Suggest Different Types of WaterProofing Solutions for Cement Roofs

When selecting a roof waterproofing solution, specialized contractors consider various factors tailored to your priorities. They ensure the following benefits with their chosen method-


For sustained protection, specialized contractors use solutions that come with adequate elongation properties to ensure resilience against temperature changes.

Bonding Strength

Bonding strength is important for ensuring a tight seal between the solution and the roof surface. The contractors make sure the bond is robust for effective and lasting waterproofing.

Drying Time

The speed of drying is essential for timely protection against rain and minimizing dust settlement. Professional Waterproofing Contractors use solutions with quick-drying features to expedite the waterproofing process.

UV Resistance

Professional roofing contractors use high-quality waterproofing solutions that come with UV-resistant properties, which prolong the effectiveness of the coating while also retaining its integrity and effectiveness against solar exposure.

Brand Reputation

Reputable contractors always work with trustworthy branded products that come with a proven track record of providing reliable waterproofing solutions. Experts always prioritize brands known for quality products, ensuring you receive long-lasting benefits.


Now that you have a fair idea of the importance of Roof and cement waterproofing and its benefits, it’s time to get in touch with professional roofing contractors who can ensure the ultimate protection of your building- be it a house or a workplace. With proper roof waterproofing, you can steer clear of any future mishaps which can further incur hefty expenses. Looking to get a robust roof and cement waterproofing? Get it done by the best experts at MRIPL at a cost effective rate.

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