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MRIPL deals in granular subbase which is responsible for the thickness of any structure. In granular subbase, materials play a very important role because they form the base of any structure. With MRIPL, our clients need not worry about the raw materials used because our team uses premium quality materials for every project.

Jacketing is used to strengthen weak RCC members which have been deteriorated due to poor maintenance. In this method extra rebars are provided and the cross-sectional area is increased to increase the compressive strength.

There are many cases where the steel corrodes due to various causes such as lack of cover, leakage of roofs & walls etc. One of the most common treatments for such structural strengthening is polymer mortar treatment. In this we remove all loose particles of mortar, concrete, rust, etc. from the spoiled surface and apply polymer modified mortar over the necessary surface.

Wet Mix Macadam also known as WMM is the newest technology used for road construction. We have a well-structured team who excels in WMM execution. In case of road constructions where WMM is widely used where completion of project within the time frame is of utmost importance and our company has always been the one to complete projects within deadlines.

Any construction work or reconstruction project needs proper raw materials. With MRIPL there is no scope for trouble because we also offer dry lean concrete. With the best of engineers at work, we take care of all your construction needs. Dry lean concrete is usually used for road filling purposes and requires a perfect ratio of raw materials. MRIPL’s professional crew makes sure that all the materials used are exact in proportion and best in quality.

Our company excels in construction services and we effectively deal in pre-cast slabs too. Pre-cast slabs are used for construction purposes just like other elements such as beams and columns. Our professional team is aware of its pre-casting process and also its assembly at the construction site. We have always been disciplined when it comes to providing construction materials at the site which is why all our projects get to conclusion before time.

Every construction work needs proper adhesives and sealants. Our company deals in mastic too which is the most commonly used sealant. Mastic is used when a particular surface needs to bond with another surface in a durable manner. We provide with the best quality mastic which is not just long-lasting but also has various other properties like temperature-resistance, water resistance, etc.

Bituminous Macadam is a mixture used generally for construction of roads. Even in this particular technique, there are many other kinds depending upon the construction need. Our team analyses the construction site thoroughly and then goes for the appropriate base.Even when it comes to major projects like construction of roads we believe in committing ourselves thoroughly.

MRIPL deals in RCC i.e. Reinforced Concrete Cement. RCC is very vital in construction works because it is a concrete in which steel bars are embedded. RCC helps in strengthening the material and provides resistance from fire. Our company provides excellent RCC services and also excels in its planning and execution.