LIC Belapur Structural Repair & Painting Work

Seepz Structural Repair & Civil Work

Structural Repair – Bridge No 1 Kalamboli

Structural Repair Harbour Heights

Structural Repair Madhuban

Structural Repair – MHADA Office

Syndicate Bank – Structural Repairs
  • icn RCC – Repair for columns, beams and other structural members.
  • icn Surface crack identification and grouting the same.
  • icn Internal and External Plastering.
  • icn Jacketing with Micro Concrete and Concrete.
  • icn Fiber Wrapping.
  • icn Parking – Pavement repairs, line painting, drainage, shade structures.

Major Retrofitting

Repairs & Restoration

Dismantling and Casting of Slab

  • icn Terrace Waterproofing with Conventional method and/or with latest chemical treatment.
  • icn Waterproofing of Basements, Damp walls, External Vertical Walls.
  • icn Water Tanks – Underground and Overhead.

Terrace Water Proofing
  • icn Exterior Plumbing:
    Mastery in execution the most important and delicate services without distubing the day to day usage by the occupants.

  • icn Interior Plumbing:
    Mastery in execution of interior plumbing with latest available material in the shortest time frame.
  • icn Interior and Exterior Painting:
    Has the expertise and authorized applicator ship of almost all leading brands in the market and hence quality is rest assured.

Painting Work