The Company M/s. Mahendra Realtors & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. was formerly know as M/s. Mahendra Sanitation & was having the specialization in the field of Plumbing, Sanitary, water connection works etc.

The Company was founded and floated in the year 1980 (year of establishment) by its Proprietor Mr. Mahendra S. Shah, the company functions under the dynamic leadership of innovative entrepreneur Mr. Mahendra S. Shah.

After joining of Mr. Hemanshu M. Shah & Mr. Bhavesh M. Shah, from 1999 the company has simultaneously diversified in the field of MAJOR STRUCTURAL REPAIRS, REHABILITATION, RETROFITTING, INTERIOR, Painting work etc.

The company was then converted in to the partnership firm & subsequently into the Pvt. Ltd. company.


Repairs & Restoration projects have been identified as the initial focus area for the company, which include all civil projects from across the Industry and Sectors, and market opportunities under review which include infrastructure projects focusing on repairs of roads and bridges. To develop the BOT and Redevelopment Projects are also core focus area of the company. MRIPL is in the business of creating value and assets in the Civil Repairs, Construction, Real Estate & Infrastructure sphere.
We have successfully executed over 200+ projects for over 50+ clients.

We had successfully executed the work in sensitive areas like Mumbai Airport and NPCIL and are working in Mazgaon Dock Limited, where the labours are allowed only after the police verification.

We have done prestigious commercial “BOT” project of 7130 sqmt at PEN project named “Center point”, now known as “Sharad Pawar Bhavan”.

On account of our success and having possessed the technical skills and management, Government of Maharashtra has awarded the following 03 BOT’s / PPP Projects:-

  • icn Yug Business Park (G+2), Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Area – 1,40,000 Sq. Ft
  • icn Shirur Samruddhi Business Park (LG+3), Shirur, Pune, Area – 65,000 Sq. Ft.
  • icn Rasta Peth, Pune, Area – 30,000 Sq. Ft
  • icn The best part of the company is we execute the job and give the response at very high speed and thus we complete the job within 70% of the allotted time and on account of this our client will be very much happy and satisfied as they get the work before their estimated time and hence can use the space earlier then estimated.

  • icn The best part of organization is we make the payment to our Vendors on time and on account of this the delivery of material at site is faster which ultimately enhances us to complete our work before time.
Our Core purpose
  • icn To raise standard of living of clients by changing rules of industry delivering quality on time within budget.
Our Core Value
  • icn Going Extra Mile
  • icn Quality
  • icn Innovation
  • icn Speed of Work
  • icn Empowerment
Our Aspirational Core Value
  • icn Commitment
bms-1 Mr. Hemanshu M Shah (CED)
bms1 Mr. Bhavesh M Shah (MD)
  • icn Our people are our biggest asset! They are the backbone of the company. Our site deployed personnel are among the most qualified and experienced professionals in the industry today.

  • icn With experienced Engineers, Field Supervisors, and Senior Staffs, MRIPL provides cost effective and practical construction solutions.

  • icn We serve our clients with quality support from our trained and certified employees.

  • icn Our office support staffs have access to the most recent software systems, which help in processing information to the field in a timely and efficient manner.

  • icn We provide our staff with extensive continuing education and training, keeping them updated on paving industry issues, safety training and software training, allowing us to provide the maximum support to the field, senior staff and our customers while keeping costs down.

  • icn Currently we have 75+ staff in rolls which includes Engineers, Supervisors, Officers and other support staff.
  • icn PSU
  • icn Governments
  • icn Private Societies
  • icn Corporate
  • icn MNC
  • icn Schools / Colleges / Universities
  • icn Hospitals
  • icn Hotels
  • icn Shopping Malls
  • icn Stadiums
  • icn Shipping
  • icn Docks
  • icn Defense & more…
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  • icn Pune
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  • icn & exploring across India